CRE Summer Horsemanship Camp Information

CRE Summer Horsemanship Camp Information

Published: June 9, 2022

Author: Amy Prechter

Camp Season is upon us!

We hope you are all excited for camp the upcoming horsemanship camps! Our first session begins June 13th! We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Camp drop off/pick up will resume to dropping off/picking up/parking in front of the indoor arena (please use our first driveway entrance). Also another note! Please make sure to drive slow on Rocky Road (well under the 20 mph posted speed limit). We have many pedestrians that walk the road and we want to reduce dust or mud/potholes and more importantly to keep everyone safe:) we would rather you be a couple minutes to late camp to insure everyone’s safety. Thank you for helping us to maintain a happy/friendly neighborhood. Please do not park on Rocky Road for drop off/pick up, Showdeo, instead please pull into to driveway and we will have helpers that will show you where to park. 

First day of camp drop off to complete registration is from 8:30-9am, camp begins at 9am. Going forward please do not drop off your camper any earlier than 9am, as our staff is busy prepping horses/equipment and not available to watch campers.


Please try and have your camper wear their camp shirt on Wednesday for picture day and Friday for Showdeo. They are more than welcome to wear it other days as well, but these two are the most important!


We will go back to our traditional camp Friday ‘Showdeo’ format this year. This means that campers will be dropped off at regular camp time on Friday at 9am. At 11:30am campers will participate in a Showdeo in which parents are invited to attend and watch. Please let us know of any work/schedule conflicts and we can do our best to place your camper at beg/mid/end of Showdeo to accommodate schedule conflicts.We will not have a potluck have a potluck following the Showdeo. Parents feel free to bring lawn chairs for Showdeo day.


The stable hand program is only available Mon-thursday from 12:30-4pm, it is not Available on Friday afternoons. Stable Hand after camp program days can be added at any time throughout the camp week, but you will need to notify staff upon check in. Stable hand days can be added at anytime please notify us at drop off. 

Campers should come prepared long pants, boots with a heel, certified equine riding helmet (bike, ski helmets will not work). Many of you have already inquired about utilizing some of our helmets/boots if you did already we have noted this for your camper. Campers should also pack their own snacks, labeled bottle of water and wear sunscreen. Campers staying for Stable Hand Program should pack a lunch. 

If possible please login to your account to prepay any balances owed prior to first date of camp or bring cash/check on the morning of the first day of camp. 

Please let us know of any questions that you may have. 


Amy Prechter

Cedar Ridge Equine, LLC.

555 Rocky Road

Bozeman, MT. 59718



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