2021-22 CRE Price Increases Due to Hay Prices

2021-22 CRE Price Increases Due to Hay Prices

Published: August 5, 2021

Author: Amy Prechter

Hope you all are enjoying your summer and staying cool! As many of you already know, Montana is experiencing a drought which has in turn significantly effected the hay crop for this year, which has driven up hay prices drastically (three to four times more than previous years), unfortunately resulting in CRE needing to increase boarding costs.

New Pricing will go into place Sept. 1st, 2021:

Boarding Covered Pen= $21.00 per day (includes hay twice a day/watering/daily pen cleaning/bedding as needed)
Pasture Board= $18.50 per day (includes hay twice a day or roundbale 24 hours a day/watering)

Monthly Daily Graining includes 1 bag of grain (does not include additional grain needed or supplements, up to twice a day)= $60.00
Monthly Daily Graining (owner provides all grain and supplements)=$30 per month (up to twice per day)

Other Boarding Services:
Monthly Trailer Parking=$30.00 a month
Blanketing/unblanketing= $50.00 a month to blanket and unblanket a horse depending on weather.
Distribution of Medication= $7.00 per time (Vaccinations, Shots, Pastes, etc)
Assistance with horse for vet/farrier= $20.00 per session for a CRE employee to bring your horse in and hold them for vet or farrier.
Turnout (3 days a week, for horses kept individual covered runs, where turnout is not included)= $50.00 a month
Lunging= $20.00 per lunge
Rides=$35.00 per ride
Private Lessons=$80 per lesson
Group Classes=$55.00 per lesson
($5.00 package discount applied to 4 or more lessons purchased in advance, all boarders/leasers)

Please let us know if you have any questions. Pricing will be adjusted next year if hay prices decrease.


Amy Prechter
Cedar Ridge Equine, LLC.


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