CRE Lesson Changes for Fall 2021

CRE Lesson Changes for Fall 2021

Published: August 12, 2021

Author: Amy Prechter


I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to send out a few updates and reminders for all of our dedicated riders. CRE is excited to announce that starting September 1st we will only be providing lessons to our boarders/leasers/MSU Equestrian team practices, we will no longer be offering instruction to students that do not own/lease a horse. We will allow students to haul their own horses in for lessons.  What does this mean for you? More available open arena time! The fall group lesson schedule is outlined below, I do ask that you sign up for these classes from the website to better help me prepare for my lesson planning (lesson schedule is available for sign ups online). We will only have these lessons scheduled, no double booking of both arenas at same time, so weather dependent there will always be one arena available for use. Both arenas will be available on weekends both Sat/Sun, but please remember this is my home so please be respectful of the hours you visit/noise level etc. Occasionally we may schedule an weekend event but this will be on a very limited basis and we will send out reminder emails to let you know about them in advance. Both arenas will be open/available prior to 1pm on weekdays and after 6pm in evening and one arena available all of the time weather permitting. Private/Semi privates lessons can be scheduled on a limited basis and by appointment only. (Text/Email or call me to schedule 530-263-3433).

I have also included an updated board/lesson price list that will go into effect Sept. 1st, 2021 as well as an updated boarding contract and list of facility rules.


Fall 2021/2022 Dedicated Rider Group Lesson Schedule at CRE

Monday 1:00pm Adult Horsemanship instructed by Kaitlyn Hoyt

Monday 3:00pm Private/semi private or group class instructed by Kaitlyn Hoyt

Monday 4:30pm Intermediate Horsemanship instructed by Kaitlyn Hoyt

Tuesday 2:30pm MSU Western Team Practice instructed by Amy Prechter

Tuesday 4:30pm Equine Athlete Fitness Class instructed by Amy Prechter

Wednesday 1:00 Adult Horsemanship Class instructed by Amy Prechter

Wednesday 3:30pm Intermediate Horsemanship Group Class instructed by Brianna Willey

Wednesday 4:30 Cowboy Dressage Group Class instructed by Amy Prechter

Thursday 2:30pm MSU Western Team Practice instructed by Amy Prechter

Friday 1:00pm MSU Western Team Practice instructed by Amy Prechter

Friday 3:00pm Roping Class-Amy Prechter

Friday 4:30pm Speed Event Class (Barrels/Poles/Gymkana /Goat Tying/Roping) events to be determined instructed by Amy Prechter


*Privates available upon request, please contact Amy by email/text to schedule: 530-263-3433


New Pricing will go into place Sept. 1st, 2021:

Boarding Covered Pen= $21.00 per day (includes hay twice a day/watering/daily pen cleaning/bedding as needed)
Pasture Board= $18.50 per day (includes hay twice a day or roundbale 24 hours a day/watering)

Monthly Daily Graining includes 1 bag of grain (does not include additional grain needed or supplements, up to twice a day)= $60.00
Monthly Daily Graining (owner provides all grain and supplements)=$30 per month (up to twice per day)

Other Boarding Services:
Monthly Trailer Parking=$30.00 a month
Blanketing/unblanketing= $50.00 a month to blanket and unblanket a horse depending on weather.
Distribution of Medication= $7.00 per time (Vaccinations, Shots, Pastes, etc)
Assistance with horse for vet/farrier= $20.00 per session for a CRE employee to bring your horse in and hold them for vet or farrier.
Turnout (3 days a week, for horses kept individual covered runs, where turnout is not included)= $50.00 a month
Lunging= $20.00 per lunge
Rides=$35.00 per ride
Private Lessons=$80 per lesson
Group Classes=$55.00 per lesson
($5.00 package discount applied to 4 or more lessons purchased in advance, all boarders/leasers)

Please let us know if you have any questions. Pricing will be adjusted next year if hay prices decrease.


Amy Prechter
Cedar Ridge Equine, LLC.


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